Commercial and Home Security System

ORICSUN ICTS Providing Highest Quality CCTV camera, Safety and security systems as per customer need. Security Systems is very important because it is a very volatile environment and that it contributes a lot to a country’s progress.

CCTV Camera is one of the important elements in securing our businesses and daily lives. We provide design and installation of end-to-end CCTV Camera security systems right from cameras (both analog & IP) to network to NVR’s to server/storage to power backup solution to monitoring solution etc. We also provide wireless camera solutions; we have everything you need to customize your business security. We provide Best Performance Surveillance Security Systems at competitive price.

AMC Services of CCTV Camera System

We have rich experience of 10 years with Corporate Offices, Manufacturing Industries Offices, Hotel, School & Govt. industry and our technical professionals have a good experience of troubleshooting, Backup, installation and configuration of CCTV Camera. Apart of professional Team, we have strong assets and inventory management to provide better and quick service to our client.

The scope of AMC services for maintenance can be diversified as follow:

  1. Facility Management Services: Security Facilities Management Services from ORICSUN. involve an effective combination of people, process and tools to ensure that your security infrastructure is always up and running .We undertake complete responsibility of ensuring availability and performance of your security Infrastructure . In Facility Management we provide Call Management, Vender Management, Maintenance Support Services, Hardware Asset Management, Network Management, Helpdesk Services etc.
  2. Inventory Management : We are providing sufficient stock of hardware and component to provide better services to our offices and resident engineers.

Our Strength

We has a team of qualified and trained service professionals, who are providing AMC services and support in the following areas:

AMC Services: –

High End Servers   : Support for all brands of Cameras

DVR                          : All types of DVR

TRC                          : Component level repair of Camera, DVR , LED & power supply

Call Logging           : 24 x 7 Telephonic Support

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