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Electronic Access Control assists in protecting your office premises, ensuring that authorised people with the correct security clearance level are the only people that are granted permission to enter a companies restricted area. Oricsun ICTS Technologies has a wealth of experience in the engineering, installation, and servicing of single and multi-site Access Control System all throughout India. Through meaningful conversation, our companies consultants work with you to help select the appropriate technology required for your customised access control system, all so that you can have a solution that best suits your organisation. We have developed multifactor access control – solutions that measure multiple forms of identification simultaneously to determine authorisation, which strengthens your solutions to guarantee the highest level of security.

What Is Access Control System

Identification details are stored in a secure, internal database within a control unit that connects to a lock which deactivates when connected to a matched identifier, such as someone swiping a card or entering a PIN. Innovation in Access Control System has been focused on the convergence between IP cameras and analytics such as facial recognition, which has allowed integration of multiple access control system measures to strengthen security protocols.

ORICSUN ICTS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD Can Provide Access Control System For Every Situation

Access Control System for Gates

Gates are critical entry points that require secure access control system measures. ORICSUN ICTS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD can provide tailored solutions for gate access control system, ensuring that only authorized personnel or vehicles can enter restricted areas.

Access Control System Implementation for Warehouse Overhead Doors

Warehouse overhead doors often require efficient access control to safeguard valuable inventory and maintain strict inventory management. ORICSUN ICTS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD can implement access control systems specifically designed for warehouse overhead doors.

Access Control System for Other Unique Door Types

If you have other unique doors within your premises that require access control system, ORICSUN ICTS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD can provide customized solutions to meet those needs. Whether it is specialized doors with specific locking mechanisms or doors in unconventional locations, ORICSUN ICTS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD can assess your requirements and propose appropriate access control measures.

Stay Compliant With Access Control Solutions From ORICSUN ICTS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD

Compliance with industry-specific regulations is crucial for businesses operating in sectors such as healthcare, finance, government, or any other field with stringent security and privacy requirements. When selecting an access control solution, it is essential to ensure that it meets the necessary compliance standards.

Locking Mechanisms

Physical barriers such as electronic locks, electromagnetic locks, or electric strikes are used to secure entry points and restrict access. These mechanisms can be integrated with the access control panels for seamless operation.

ORICSUN ICTS TECHNOLOGIES Provides Complete Access Control Solutions

Authentication Devices

These include technologies like key cards, badges, biometric scanners (fingerprint, retina, or facial recognition), or mobile credentials. They are used to verify the identity of individuals seeking access.

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